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Sustainable bedding as much as clothing can be achieved via high quality products.

People often don’t realise that the bedding they purchase makes a big impact on how well you sleep at night. High street stores sell bedding sets for a variety of prices, but as a wise man once said “I’m not rich enough to buy cheaply”. Meaning that the amount you have to replace cheap bedding over a lifetime is more expensive than buying better quality bed sheets and less frequently. Aka sustainable bedding

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can save yourself money by buying less but better bedding.

Comfortable and Durable Textiles

Many people neglect the fact that the bedding textiles can get incredibly worn and damaged over time. From the kicking around at night to the washing and any stains that you might get on the bedding, they can get worn relatively quickly if you don’t take care of them. This is especially true for cheaper bedding that is made from short-staple cotton used by the majority of high-street retailers. It is naturally weak with many exposed split ends resulting in a weaker fibre and inferior weave that frays and piles. Higher thread counts mean that the material feels more luxurious and soft. It gives fibres a silky quality that makes it comfortable to sleep under.

On the top end, there’s Egyptian cotton. It’s one of the most highly sought-after materials when it comes to bedding and is the accepted gold standard for high-quality cotton. Since Egyptian cotton is long-staple, it’s one of the best you can buy when it comes to comfort and durability. It’s well worth the added investment for longer-lasting bed sheets.

Eco Friendly Bedding

One of the issues with cheap bedding is that it has to be replaced more frequently. You’ll buy bedding set after bedding set and eventually, you’ll have to send it for recycling. While this doesn’t seem like a problem initially, you do have to remember that it creates excess waste that isn’t needed. Getting rid of cheaper bedding can seem wasteful, it creates a lot of excess clutter that you don’t need and storing it can take up a lot of space.

You’ll end up throwing out bedding sets and eventually waste more money than you want to on replacing the cheap stuff. If you count up all the times you’ve purchased cheap bedding, it’s probably already exceeded the cost of a good-quality set of 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding. If you truly want to be friendly to the environment, purchase something that’s higher quality and you will replace it fewer times. You’ll spend less on maintaining it, you won’t be throwing it out anytime soon and you’ll ultimately save a lot of money.

Textiles That Age Well

Another problem with textiles is that they age and won’t be as good-looking or comfortable as they were when you first bought them. Thankfully, this is only true for low-quality textiles and bedding. Most people don’t realise that high-quality bedding, such as that made from 100% Egyptian cotton, not only ages well but actually improves over time. Egyptian cotton with a higher thread count tends to soften over time making it more comfortable as it ages.

As time goes on, the fibres have a chance to relax and soften. This happens from regular use, but also due to frequent washing. The softer fibres mean that Egyptian cotton eventually improves with age and comes more comfortable, more luxurious and still usable even after dozens of washes. Compared to cheap bedding, high-quality textiles like Egyptian cotton bedding are a far better choice for longer-lasting bed sheets.

I’m not rich enough to buy cheaply

In short, instead of buying lots of cheap bedding that falls apart and doesn’t feel comfortable, you could save money and time by simply buying less but better bedding. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it’ll be easier to maintain. It will age better, meaning it will likely be a one-time investment that doesn’t need replacing in the future. The next time you need to replace your bedding consider buying something with a long-staple fibre, 100% Egyptian Cotton. It’s well worth the added cost and makes your nights far more comforting.

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