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Our story

Exceptional products
for everyday life.

Conscious by design. Transparent by price. Our bedding and lifestyle collection has been cultivated with care, giving you access to enduring pieces and ageless designs. We are the foundation upon which you can start each day. After all, time in bed is time well spent. And because we get the details right in the manufacturing stage, our products don’t just look and feel great – they last. Night after night.


Carefully Considered

Each thread that goes into framing your unforgettable bedtime experience has been carefully chosen to ensure each night you are immersed in sophistication. To deliver directly to your bedroom without the retail middleman is a conscious decision to revolutionise the industry. Democratising luxury with a transparent label.

Ethical, Always

We make decisions that help you sleep at night. Sourcing ethical materials and manufacturing processes builds a bedding brand to be absurdly comfortable with, and in. Wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

Stylish Slumber

Contemporary design fused with quality and layers of style. Our collections are setting the new bed standard with designs that truly hold their own – always on-trend and always fluffy AF.



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