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Summer is upon us and one of the biggest problems that people face is getting to sleep comfortably. Sleep is one of the most vital actions that we can perform on a daily basis and it’s imperative that we get enough sleep every night so we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. But getting to sleep in summer can be difficult if you don’t have a separate set of summer bedding to go with the weather.

If you use a single type of bedding throughout the entire year then you’ll know how this feels: throwing off the covers might make you too cold, but sleeping with them on can make you sweat throughout the night. You might want to save on your electricity bill by refusing to rely on your air conditioning, or you might be worried about letting insects in if you leave your window open.

So many sleeping troubles are unique to summer, so it’s important to find the right solution that will help you sleep at night – without breaking the bank; and that’s where Egyptian cotton bedding comes in.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? 

Egyptian cotton is all about the fibbers. When you examine the fibbers of this cotton and compare it to plain old cotton, you’ll find that it’s completely different and this is its secret. The fibbers of Egyptian cotton are far longer than regular cotton. They’re finer, longer and actually a fair bit tougher than regular types of cotton. This effectively means that more threads are used per square inch when weaving it into a fabric, creating a much denser product than normal cotton.

This results in a stronger fabric with a more luxurious touch. However, it also means that Egyptian cotton is lighter without impacting its quality and comfort. Egyptian cotton is also more absorbent, meaning it can hold more liquid and thus produce brighter colors when dyed. Egyptian cotton is also light and breathable, making it incredibly comfortable and soft when you sleep with it.

Lastly, Egyptian cotton doesn’t produce as much lint as other kinds of cotton. This means that Egyptian Cotton is far less likely to pill when it’s washed. This helps to keep the fabric fresh and sturdy, making it a fantastic long-term investment that you can bring out whenever summer arrives. In fact, Egyptian cotton tends to feel a little stiff when you first purchase it. After a couple of washes, however, the Egyptian cotton actually improves because the fibbers become looser and more relaxed. This means that Egyptian cotton is perhaps the only fabric that improves with age and washing, unlike other fabrics.

That’s Great, but How Will It Help Me Sleep?

 Now, this is where it gets good. Egyptian cotton typically has a thread count of around 600 threads. This means that it’s right in the middle between what’s considered affordable and what is luxurious. Egyptian cotton bedding is both sumptuous and feels soft to the touch. Once experience it, you’ll feel overwhelmed at the satisfyingly smooth and rich feel of it brushing against your skin. And the price is low enough to buy extra to use as guest bedding.

However, thread count doesn’t tell the whole story.

The fibbers used for Egyptian cotton are much softer. This means that despite having a relatively low thread count, Egyptian cotton bedding is incredibly soft and comfortable. However, it’s also breathable and feels cool when you sleep with it. It can keep your body temperature nice and warm while also keeping you comfortable and allowing you to sleep easily. Ideal for a cool summer bedding set.

And if you are tired of washing your linen every other day throughout the summer, then Egyptian cotton is the best solution for the coolest summer bedding. And well worth every penny.