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They say health is wealth but with the kind of lifestyle most of us have these days, more often than not, health takes a back seat. These 9 to 6 desk jobs might earn us a lot of money but they sure do take a toll on our health. In light of healthy living, here are some suggestions to stay healthy with a desk job


This goes without saying, no matter what the problem is healthy eating can solve it all. Avoid eating out, make home cooked food your best friend. Eat a lot of vegetable and healthy proteins and stay hydrated. Keep nuts and fruits as snacks for those in-between meals cravings.


If your job keeps you busy the entire day and you don’t get time to indulge in some physical activity, make a little work out routine in the office itself. Take stairs instead of elevators. Need to send your colleague an e-mail? Walk to their work station instead. You can also try power walking during lunch hours, this phenomenon is becoming popular day by day. Get up every few hours and move around and take stretch breaks. If you are under a lot of stress try taking out a few minutes everyday to meditate, you will see the results almost immediately.


Lower the amount of caffeine intake, for a healthy body you need to have a good night’s sleep everyday and caffeine hinders with that. Instead of coffee, drink herbal teas, fruit juices rich in vitamin C, these not only taste good but are also beneficial for your health.

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