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We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep if you’re too warm. The tossing, turning and overall restlessness makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

What can people do to freshen up their bed for summer days?

1. Cool your bedroom down
A quick and cheap way to cool your mattress is to make some changes to your bedroom. The cooler the room your mattress is in, the cooler your mattress will become.
It’s important to get your bedroom to the right temperature for you before you go to sleep. The recommended temperature is 16 – 18°C with 30% – 50% humidity. This environment promotes good sleep hygiene and keeps your room cool enough to prevent bacteria from growing.

2- Keep your curtains shut
Keeping your curtains or blinds shut ensures that your bedroom won’t be getting any of the extra heat from incoming sunlight. This means your room and your mattress will be nice and cool by going to bed.

3-Change your sheets
It’s always best to buy sheets made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. This is because they’re more breathable and can wick away moisture if you overheat easily. They’re super soft and comfortable but also allow you to stay cool through the night.

4-Try linen pillowcases
As with sheets, investing in a pair of breathable cotton or linen pillowcases will instantly soothe you to sleep and help you keep cool during warm nights.

5- Use a lightweight duvet
The best way to still enjoy the ultimate coziness of a duvet and keep your mattress feeling cool is to consider investing in a 4.5 tog duvet, the lightest duvet available.

6-Adjust your clothing
By making simple changes to what you wear in bed, you can dramatically reduce your body temperature at night.
-Keep all clothing light and loose-fitting
-Try to wear natural, breathable materials like cotton
-Tie long hair back to help keep your head and neck cool

7-Swap your bed
If your mattress is always too warm, it might be worth checking your bed. There are two types of the bed base and each has its pros and cons.
-Slatted base
This base is found on most bed frames. There are slats that your mattress rests on with gaps in between. These gaps allow for better airflow to the mattress, which can help to make it a bit cooler.
-Solid base
This base is often found on divans and is just a solid block that your mattress rests on. These bases are more suited for making your mattress more supportive and slightly warmer.

8-Keep Bedroom Doors Open
Keeping the doors open to bedrooms or other rooms that you use will help optimize the airflow in your home. Think of it this way, the air conditioner kicks on, thus moving air around the entire house; if a door is closed, then it blocks the air from moving freely throughout all the rooms. A ceiling fan or bedside fan that is running also helps to increase the circulation of air.

Now you know how to cool your mattress and you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh and cool night’s sleep in no time.