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How many times you’ve been waiting for that parcel to arrive but what happens once washing it for the first time! How do you feel if you take them out of the machine, dry them and you notice a bit of shedding?


Shedding can sometimes be an unfortunate issue with new product as bed linen, bathrobes, towel, and blanket. It’s advisable to wash them before use, but if done incorrectly, you can worsen a shedding or lint problem.

The first step is not to panic. The shedding is totally fine and completely normal, and usually will come to a natural conclusion after a few wash cycles.

Bed linen:

Shedding your bed linen is just to get it softer and softer, and therefore cozier and cozier to sleep in. It can occur with all sheets and linen products, as a general rule of thumb, the darker the dye the more shedding that will occur. This is because the dyes that are darker can lead to a greater buildup of fibres in the linen.

If you want to speed up the process, simply put the sheets through a few extra cold washes when you first get them, which will help ensure the fabric ditches the excess fibres as fast as possible and settles down.

After these first few washes, you should notice a clear difference in your sheets. If they’re still shedding – and this can happen – again, don’t worry. Be patient. After your sheets have been through a couple of wash cycles, the shedding usually comes to an end.

If you’re still finding that your sheets shed, there are a couple of things you can do.

1. Avoid tumble drying
2. Stop cramming your washing machine with items
3. Avoid softeners and other cleaning products.
4.Iron the sheets on high temp.

Towels and bathrobes:

Most towels are made from cotton, and cotton is a natural fiber that is subject to shedding.

How to Stop Fluff Coming off:

-Freeze your new towels or soak them in cold water for a day.
-Wash your new towels with either vinegar or baking soda before using them.
-Always run towels-only washer and dryer loads.
-Use dryers judiciously

How to Care for:

-Use a pilling brush or an upholstery brush on the towel.
-Add a small amount of fabric softener to your load of towels in the wash
-If you have a vacuum cleaner with a very good nozzle, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the pills from your towels.
-Run your towel(s) through the dryer for a few cycles in order to get rid of some of the pills
-Pulled loops on your towels can often lead to pilling