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To us, the hours leading up to bedtime are sacred. Having a healthy evening routine means your body begins slowing down and preparing for a restorative night’s sleep.


We’ve teamed up with Apothem Labs in putting together a guide to the perfect evening wind down. By shifting the focus on to those precious hours before bed, we take the pressure off of sleep and rather begin to enjoy the process of easing into slumber.


We all know how important it is to take time for yourself, so for this night-time ritual, put aside a couple of hours just for you.


Start by running yourself a hot bath with APOTHEM UNPLUG CBD Bath Salts, the Epsom salts in this botanical blend help to act as a mild sedative to help prepare the body for a restful night. Light House Babylon Palmyra candle, letting the warm, woody aroma of fresh cypress and cedarwood fuse with the eucalyptus of the bath salts.


After a nice, long soak step into your House Babylon bathrobe. Crafted from organic Turkish cotton and Oeko-Tex certified to reassure you it’s fully free of any harmful chemicals. Ultra-fluffy and super absorbent thanks to the long cotton fibres, this terrycloth bathrobe is the ultimate post-bathe treat.


Before getting into bed, reach for your LIGHTS OUT CBD Drops, taking around 4 to 5 drops, and leaving them under your tongue for 60 seconds. Formulated with the highest quality pure CBD, soothing L-Theanine, calming Chamomile and regulating 5-HTP these botanical drops are designed to calm the mind and release tension. Wrapped up with the natural flavours of vanilla and caramel, to ease you into your bedtime routine and enable a more restorative night’s sleep.


Finally, get tucked up into your House Babylon bed linen. Made from Egyptian cotton grown along the Nile Delta, the buttery soft and smooth feel with extra-long cotton threads make for an excellent, comfortable night’s sleep. Snuggle up, grab your favourite book or listen to a sleep cast before drifting off into bliss.


For the next week, in celebration of World Sleep Day, you can receive 25% off all Apothem & House Babylon products with the code APOHOUSE.