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In this weeks blog we tackle the big questions: How to best iron your sheets?

The quick and easy way to iron your bed linen.

There is nothing more pleasant than getting into a bed with newly washed crisp sheets. Although we may all dread the idea of simply washing our bed linen and putting it back on, we also know the reward is high.

Ironing sheets may seem like an even bigger hassle. With our 5 simple tricks to perfectly ironed sheets, it won’t have to be anymore; your bed will feel, smell and look like a 5 star hotel room.

1- Damp sheets are the answer

Wash your sheets between 40 and 60 degrees, then tumble dry them until they are damp. Remove the bed linen just a little while before the cycle ends. You are looking for that in-between dry and wet to make ironing out the wrinkles unbelievably effortless.

2- Fold the sheets into quarters 

To save yourself some time, fold the sheets lengthwise in half or quarters. That way when you later iron your sheets you save half the time.

3- Invite a spray bottle to the party

Use water from your iron or a spray bottle to handle the tricky creases. Stretch creased areas with your hands, spray some water and iron over it.

4- Hike up the heat

Set your iron on the cotton and steam setting to be safe. Hike up the heat and try it out on a small section to make sure it isn’t too hot on the cotton. Ps: When iron your sheets, the cotton does get better so do not worry about ironing them too much.

5- Play your favorite music in the background

We recommend playing some of your favorite music in the background to keep yourself entertained.

6- Last resort 

If you really do not have time to iron your sheets, you can always fold them in half while they are still damp and hang them out to dry. You will not achieve the same exact crisp feeling as if they had been ironed but it will be close enough.