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Monogramming is a fabulous art that in modern day has come to be a classic for any preppy girl or anyone wanting to display their initials on clothing or goods, but have you ever wondered how the art of the monogram came to be? A monogram is a custom motif created by overlapping or combining two or more letters to become one symbol that serves as a recognizable logo for an individual or in traditions steeped in history, a monarchy.

Monograms first appeared on coins in ancient history as early as 350 B.C. The earliest examples come from the Greek cities who issued coins with the first two letters of a city’s name. This would lend great understanding of the modern-day sorority girl’s love of the monogram! The use of initials as a branding was then adapted by artists and craftsmen to identify their custom creations and paintings.
Monograms became a symbol of status and luxury when they were taken to represent a monarchy. Used as part of an insignia of the names of the Royal families were interwoven into the kingdom and those who served it. Representatives of the government were required to sport the custom monogram of the Royal family in power. It indicated the connection to the ruler. It is important to note that a custom royal monogram usually appeared with a crown representing the power it displayed. Countries who have employed this initial recognition include Great Britain, Russia, Sweden, and Germany. Today, several Danish coins still carry the insignia created centuries ago. It is of interest to note that in Thailand royal monograms appear on the individual flag for each major royal family member.
An individual’s custom monogram is often a very fancy logo used for adorning onto stationery, clothing for women, bed linens and in modern day has come to be able to be applied to just about anything. A traditional 3-letter monogram used the initial of the person’s last name larger in the center, preceded by the first initial of the individual’s first name and lastly on the right appears the middle letter representing the middle name. For example, if the person’s name is Catherine Sarah Richardson, the letters would appear as with the R appearing slightly larger in the center.