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We have all wondered if it is worth it to buy expensive products. 4 tips as to how it is worth the extra money.

1 – You will be saving money in the long run

If you do not want to be replacing your bed linen every couple of months, we recommend that you opt for Egyptian Cotton (preferably anything above a 300 thread count). Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton you can get. Due to its long fibers, it creates a strong, stress-resistant thread when it is woven. What we mean by stress is everything from sleeping on it, to washing it in a washing machine, to heat from the dryer and so on. In fact, it is widely believed that Egyptian cotton gets softer with time.

Buying more expensive bed linen may also drive you to take better care of it!

2 – You will sleep better

Egyptian cotton is naturally much more porous than any other cotton, allowing you to stay warm without trapping the heat. This is especially important for those who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from nighttime sweats. For the best night sleep, you must ensure that nothing is interfering with your natural body temperature.

3 – No pilling 

Pilling is created by little pills of fabric that you can see and feel. It is very common to find them in lower quality bed linen. Egyptian cotton is made of the longest, strongest fibers, which make it very unlikely for pilling to occur.

4 – It feels like heaven

Once you slip into Egyptian cotton sheets, you will immediately feel the difference. The cotton is the softest in the world! If you want your bed to feel like the Ritz Carlton’s, switch to Egyptian cotton sheets!

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