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Plants inside the house sounds like a task only a few of us would dare undertake. With all the work load and other responsibilities who needs one more living thing at their house to take care of.  But with our help you might be able to rethink that. There are some indoor plants that are so low maintenance, high on providing a healthier environment and so beautiful. You won’t be able to help yourself but get one for your house.

What makes a plant fit to be an indoor plant? A plant that requires very little sunlight, removes toxins from the air (which most plants do but some plants work harder at it) does not need a lot of watering and is not Poison Ivy. We have put together a list of few indoor plants that suit the criteria and are good at making people sleep at night.



    It is one of the prettiest plants to have inside the house. It requires very little sunlight and will tell you when it needs to be watered (leaves start to droop). It releases moisture and maintains a humidity of 5% to 7% in the atmosphere which is not only good for the skin but also keeps a certain bacteria at bay. It removes spores from the air reducing the risk of allergies. Although, you might want to keep it a little out of reach from kids and pets as it is mildly toxic



    This plant, just like your mother in-law’s tongue, is pretty indestructible.  It grows very well indoors and even a cardboard cut out can take care of it. The best part about this plant is that it omits oxygen even during the night making a favourable environment for sleep and like most other plants on this list it removes Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene and Benzene from the air which are way worse that they sound.



    Contrary to its name, the plant is actually an angel. It requires no floor space as you can hang this plant. It has big leaves so it can fill up spaces and be a wonderful décor as well. Other than the outer beauty the plant purifies the air and keeps it clean.



    Pineapple is known to produce more oxygen than most plants. It can actually survive very well indoors as it does not require a lot of water and neither does it need a lot of sunlight. And it goes without saying, it looks amazing.



    This one is a little controversial. It fits perfectly to all the criteria for it to be an indoor plant except one- It is toxic, but there is a very apt explanation for that. It removes major toxins from the air unlike any other plant. Now keeping Florist Daisy inside the house is debatable, but if you keep it at a safe distance and are aware of it I think it makes for one of the best indoor plants.