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Ancient Egypt is known for incredible architectural feats, but the flair for design wasn’t restricted to building the pyramids and decorating the tombs of leading lights with precious jewels and intricate paintings. The ancient Egyptians are also famed for their proficiency in interior design. If you’re looking for inspiration for a bedroom makeover, why not take a leaf out of the Egyptians’ book?

The beautiful bedrooms of Ancient Egypt

When you hear the words Ancient Egypt, you’re transported to a world where glitz and glamour ruled, and the interiors of palaces and expensive houses were decked out in lavish materials. The Egyptians certainly had an eye for design, and the more affluent citizens weren’t afraid to showcase their wealth and status by using precious metals, jewels and gems to decorate their boudoirs. While many Egyptians opted for wooden bed frames, history tells us that pharaohs often slept in beds made from gold, with detailed headboards and footboards scattered with twinkling stones. Those beds would often be complemented by matching couches or day beds and it wasn’t unusual to have a seating area within the bedroom. In most cases, the bed was very much the star of the show, and in addition to distinctive head and footboards, features such as carved legs and swathes of fabric would be used to draw attention to the focal point of the room. Colors tended to be bright, with jewel tones and metallics dominating the palette.

Although the bed was often the piece de resistance in Ancient Egyptian bedrooms, there were many other exceptional pieces of furniture used to enhance the aesthetic of sleeping quarters. Bedrooms would often feature carved wooden chests, tables, and wardrobes in addition to stand-alone cabinets. Dark wood was often laced with golden accents, and details such as clawed feet and patterned trims channeled unique design concepts. Furniture was scarcely used in this era, so having a home packed with custom pieces was a sign of wealth and social standing. Wall art was another indication of affluence. The bedrooms of rich Egyptians often featured friezes, many of which told stories with a historical theme or offered a nod to traditions, myths or folklore.

Egyptian cotton bedding: the perfect finishing touch

Nothing catches the eye like the mention of Egyptian cotton bedding on a list of hotel amenities. There’s a good reason why opulent hotels and luxury stores promote the use of Egyptian cotton. If you find yourself in boutique accommodation that boasts the finest cotton sheets, or you’re planning an interior makeover at home, you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ve made the best decision if your bed is adorned with cotton that was good enough for the famous pharaohs.

Egyptian cotton is often regarded as the gold standard of bedding, and it has been used to provide comfort for centuries. The key to the continued popularity of Egyptian cotton lies in the length of the fibbers. You may assume that cotton is cotton, but you only have to touch a few different samples to realize that there’s a significant difference. One cotton sheet may feel completely different to others. The fibbers that make up Egyptian cotton are considerably longer than other types of cotton, and they also have a smaller diameter. The diminutive diameter means that more fibbers are used to create every square inch of fabric, and this makes the cotton stronger. The increased density of Egyptian cotton is what gives it the luxurious feel that we have come to know and love. To ensure you get the best Egyptian cotton bedding, take a look at the cotton count before you buy. Ideally, you should be looking at a value as close to 600 as possible.

Ancient Egyptian linen bedding was the perfect finishing touch for a breathtaking bedroom fit for a pharaoh, and the material has become synonymous with quality, grandeur, and sumptuousness. If you’re creating a bedroom based on the extravagance of Ancient Egypt, there’s no better choice than Egyptian cotton bedding.

Many of us are fascinated by Ancient Egypt. This is a period of history that is among the most compelling and intriguing. The Egyptians were famed for their incredible construction skills, but they also had creative flair and an eye for detail when it came to interiors. Most of us are familiar with Egyptian cotton bedding, but we may know less about the rooms in which it was first found. If you’re keen to take inspiration from the beautiful bedrooms of Ancient Egypt, hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas.