What Makes a Bedroom More Suitable for a Man?


A man’s bedroom is where his day starts and ends. Though many men feel like the bedroom is a place in the home that doesn’t need so much care or thought (after all, we spend most of our time in our bedrooms asleep), you’d be surprised at just how important it can be to style your bedroom and make it more masculine.

There are countless style and personal choices to make in your bedroom. If you have full control over your bedroom, then we’ve got a couple of ideas to help make your bedroom more suitable for you. Whether you choose to surround yourself with life memories or future plans, here’s some inspiration to help you unleash your creativity.

Function over form

Masculine bedrooms are all about practicality. It’s all about keeping things simple but giving everything in your bedroom a function that you make use of. Think of the important functions in your room such as your bed, your closet, your lights, a bedside table and so on. If you’re not using something in your room, throw it out. You’re not keeping furniture around for the sake of looking pretty, you keep it around for the sake of using it.

The centre-stage bed

A king-sized bed is crucial for dressing up a masculine bedroom. Where else would a man sleep if not his fit-for-a-king bed?  It’s not just the bed that matters, however, but also the bedding and the sheets you adorn it with. There’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a comfortable, long-lasting and durable set of 100% Egyptian cotton bedding. Not only is it comfortable, but it has a high-thread count that indicates how luxurious it feels and also ages well.

Utilising grey shades

Grey and white are neutral colours that are predominantly featured in masculine bedroom designs. These are colours which speak loudly in a bedroom colour palette. Although they might seem boring alone, they create volume when combined together. If you want to add some colour in to your room, try a dark green which will appear to be elegant, but yet masculine.

Elegant but neutral

There’s nothing wrong with curved shapes and interesting patterns in a masculine bedroom. However, we’d draw the line at neutral colours being on the border of masculine and feminine. It’s fine to contrast the masculine feeling you want to give off in your bedroom and sticking to neutral colours such as white and grey will give you an opportunity to experiment with different patterns and shapes that would otherwise be perceived as feminine.

Simple and clean

Whether you want to focus on modern design or contemporary ideas, one thing should remain consistent; a simple and clean design. Remove the clutter, remove the lifestyle-defining decor and get rid of posters and pictures that could hint towards your hobbies. Keep your bedroom clean and simple so that it’s easy to maintain and can easily be added to in the future.

Contrasting colours

We’ve talked about colours already, but something we haven’t mentioned is the bold idea of mixing contrasting colours. The most basic pair would be dark green and white. Mixing dark and light colours is the most simple way to create a contrast in your bedroom decor. It’s the boldness of clashing lighter shades with darker and grittier tones that creates a simple yet masculine colour palette.

Your definition of masculine

It’s good to remember that everyone has their own definition of masculinity. Perhaps wooden textures remind you of log cabins and embracing nature, or maybe brick textures remind you of the hard work you put in to build your career from the ground up. Everyone has their own definition of masculinity and they associate it with different accessories, patterns and colours. Find what you personally consider to be masculine and use it as the foundation of your bedroom.

Masculine bedrooms are hard to define. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to show off their masculinity, but it’s important to find what it means to you before you overhaul your bedroom design. It’s important to focus on decor, space, darker tones and also comfort. Many men litter their rooms with memories of the past and future aspirations, but a masculine bedroom has limited room for both. Instead, focus on bringing your bedroom back to core values such as utilising space and colours to your advantage instead of materialistic decorations. Cut down on how much you line your room with trinkets and photographs, and switch to neutral art.

Mariam ElshafieComment