Getting Deep with London's Kebab King

Le Bab’s founder Stephen Tozer on how he stays fit, sleeps & eats.


Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to start the LeBab?

I’m 29, I’m a Northerner, and I love food. I opened Le Bab just over 3 years ago, and it was pretty much a life long dream to own a restaurant and do something unique in the food scene. I’d felt for a long time that kebabs were a really beautiful, unexplored and misunderstood gastronomic territory. Le Bab was the first step in that exploration.

How do you stay healthy running 2 restaurants with 2 more launching soon?

I never eat breakfast, so I’m always intermittently fasting -it helps to stay in shape, and keeps me much more energetic in the morning for some reason. I work out most days, try to eat a lot of a fruits and veggies, and stay hydrated. The basics really. I also do a few supplements like Omega 3 and CBD oil. And, of course, try my best to keep my vices (cake and booze) to a minimum, although we all know how hard that can be.


Which is your favourite bab?

I love the paneer kebab at Le Bab. It’s our signature dish and a real comfort food for me. 

How does your daily routine look like?

It’s hard to have a fixed routine in the hospitality industry. I always try to get to the gym first thing in the morning, and I try to meditate in the evenings. That’s as close as I get to a routine!

Do you think sleep is now a luxury commodity? 

I think people don’t get enough sleep, so in that respect it’s become a luxury. I’m convinced that it’s totally crucial to keeping you physically and emotionally healthy, and it heals you. So I think most people should invest more in their sleep. That means more time, and a nicer bed! Sleep should be a precious ritual in our lives.

What do you do to relax, when you get a spare hour to yourself?

If I have a little more time and energy, I love to cook. I find it really relaxing. If I’m seriously tired, I try to have a couple of good TV shows on the go to flop out in front of at any one time.

What’s the next step for the Bab Family?

We have to focus on the stuff that’s about to open, and not look too far ahead. Obviously we’re hoping there’s loads more to do in the future, but it’s really important to keep our head in the current game. Our new restaurant, Kebab Queen, is coming very soon, and that’s a huge huge project for us.

Which House Babylon collection is your favourite?

I like the Excellence Collection in white the most. It’s simple, crisp and incredibly durable.